Video Work

This is an interview with a police officer I shot and edited. The video was shot using a Nikon D3200. Audio was treated using Logic Pro X, and the video was edited in Final Cut Pro.


Corporate style promotional video I produced for a local restaraunt.


A montage meant to be an exercise in cinematography and smoothness of action between cuts


An opening graphic I made with Motion.


Audio Work

Various audio projects I’ve worked on using Logic Pro X.


An environment created using only in-program sound effects.

Branding music created for the NWTC school podcast.

I elected to write and produce the intro branding music to TCWeekly, NWTC’s student created podcast. Video production credit goes to Prisca Elzen and Rico Robbins


Movie Segment.

I completely removed the audio from this video and replaced it with my own ADR, sound effects, original music, and included some of my own sound design.

Samples of music I’ve produced as a side project.

 I produce my own music to exercise use of EQ, multi-band and single band compression, various audio and musical effects, synth creation and sound design, mixing and mastering techniques, and music composition.